Are you there mother? It’s me MakeFest.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while hasn’t it? It’s been “a minute”, as they say in hip hop parlance, although these days I’m more “hip op” than hip hop I’ve still got some moves. Did you think we’d forgotten about you until next year? Well we haven’t, and just when you thought it was safe […]

MakeFest Memories – Denise Jones

Hello everyone, it’s getting really close to MakeFest now. Only… hang on… (counts on fingers)… 9 sleeps till the big day! I hope you’re as excited as we are over here at MakeFest Manor. We’re so excited in fact that we’ve gone mad and combined Throwback Thursday with MakeFest Memories for today. We can’t decide […]

MakeFest Memories 7 – Edward Smart

Hello folks, we’re back after a little Easter break, and we’re back with more MakeFest Memories. Today I have a real treat for you. We talk a lot about our goal to inspire future generations with MakeFest and that really is important for us. Well imagine how pleased we were to receive an email recently […]

Makefest Memories 6 – Jen Fenner

Hello again and welcome back one and all. We’ve got more MakeFest Memories for you and this time they come from Jen Fenner, top organiser, educator, graphic designer and all round superstar at Def-Proc Engineering. So without further ado let’s get to it! ————————————— I’m Jen Fenner one of the Lead Organisers for 2017 and […]

MakeFest Memories 5 – Mark Feltham

Time for another edition of MakeFest Memories! This time it’s none other than Mark Feltham, a man who would have to be one of the faces on any Mount Rushmore of Liverpool Makefest for sure, we don’t currently have one of those but I’m thinking paper mache or perhaps plasticine… actually scrap plasticine it’s a […]