Makers 2018

We’ve got a vast array of makers to engage with, fun exhibits, and hands on workshops catering for everyone!


Liquid Fire

Liquid Fire is an experimental collective of a scientific glassblower and a contraption maker. We will present live glassblowing on a bench burner and a lego based rope making machine.


MadeInvaders is a a live action computer game. 30 seconds of structured panic, as the players try to load nerf blasters, and hit the lighted targets as much as possible to see how many points they can score. Bragging rights for the day are on offer to the most successful player(s)!


Pi Bash is a digital high striker machine. Hit the striker with a mallet and see the LEDs light to show your strength. If you hit it hard enough to light all of the LEDs the bell will ring.

The Cassandra Complex

Cassandra is an interactive, electronic fortune teller machine.

UK R2 Builders Club

The UK R2 Builders Club The UK R2 Builders Club is a group of dedicated Star War fans with a passion for building replica R2-D2s or other R2 units from the film series including R2, R3, R4, R5 and R6.


Autonomous tractor guided by GNSS and radar for planting, cultivating and weeding beds of vegetables on a farm scale.

West Lancashire Lacemakers

We put on demonstrations of how to make lace and have a ‘practice pillow’ so anyone can have a go. We are a small local charity (No. 1002673) who make lace of various types.

Yarnbombing Central

We are a collection of groups who are interested in making art and spreading happiness using yarn.

Cosy Conference

This year we have a conference area led by two local maker culture supporters, Ignite Liverpool, and Awesome Liverpool. It’s situated after the atrium on the ground floor in the Read zone and before the Imagine zone.

In addition to talks and panels through the day, Awesome are holding their regular pitch and gift award at the cosy conference.

If you want to apply to either of these organisations please check out the link.

Awesome Liverpool Gift Pitches

Every month, Awesome Liverpool gives away £500 to kick start an awesome project. At Make Fest we will have the pitches for this prize in public on the ground floor conference area!


Ignite showcases Liverpool’s movers and shakers, creators, thinkers, tinkers, innovators and doers, makers and dreamers in a fast paced format designed to inspire.

Business Advice

Gary Millar

Gary Millar is running a special business advice desk at Makefest on the ground floor from 11am for any makers and creatives who would like some advice business or intellectual property advice.

FREE workshops

These workshops are supported by makers in most cases you’ll have something to take away with you!

Edge Hill University Geek Squad

Lights, Motors, Action! Children Coding the Future


// Lasercut a Magic Detector // // Brand your campaign for the future world of work // // Respond to your ecology with IOT //

Introduction to eTextiles

A simple free workshop teaching people to bond or stitch an etextile circuit to light an LED with a coin battery. This will be done as a bracelet or a fabric sample and people can take away their finished work.

Invent Things with The Foundation for Digital Creativity

Come along and invent with smart sensors to create your own creative lantern project.  You’ll be driving your own candle light with environmental data collected from Liverpool Central Library.

Little Sandbox

Little Sandbox is a tech club for kids based in Liverpool. We’ll be bringing some examples of work our members have made including robots and video games.

Lois Tierney Illustration

In this workshop, I will be instructing people to create their own sign/placard with LGBT+ positive phrases in order to spread love and awareness of the LGBT+ community.


PatternCraft is an analogue to digital punchcard reader that teaches the fundamentals of computer programs. Using the write once medium of a punchcard participants will plan and create builds in Minecraft  before exploring binary to write messages on screen.

RaspiKidd presents the Quick reaction game with EduBlocks

Participants will be shown how to make and code a quick reaction game. To create the game we will be building a simple electronic circuit consisting of a breadboard an LED and two buttons, this will be powered using a raspberry pi and EduBlocks code

Urban Workbench

Urban Workbench is a We Make Places project which invites local people to develop skills in basic joinery, DIY, furniture making, upcycling and construction, whilst growing their capacity to contribute to positive social activism.

Paid workshops

Makers running these workshops ask for some pounds to cover the cost of materials. In most cases you’ll have something to take home with you.


#girlswithdrills brings all the tools you need for beginner woodworking. Build your confidence using a drill and take home hand crafted bookends. If you have any old, plastic and hollow toys, bring them along to cut in half to personalise your bookends.

Making pallet coasters with UCRAFT

Using a premade jig to build your very own pallet coaster, for really heavy mugs of tea! For beginners, any age, as long as under 14’s have a responsible adult with them.


MakoEducation’s Code-A-Drone workshop shows participants the power of coding in a fun and creative (and safe) environment.

The Red Button Press

Letterpress printing – How things were printed before computers took over the world!

Urban Workbench

Urban Workbench is a We Make Places project which invites local people to develop skills in basic joinery, DIY, furniture making, upcycling and construction, whilst growing their capacity to contribute to positive social activism.

Western Spiral Art and PoP models

Ever wanted to design your own magic wand or paint a creature? Mum and daughter team, Brenda and Esther Cole, have paired up to run a workshop where you can do just that! We will be providing craft materials for you to paint and decorate your very own personalised magical accessories and ornaments!


The main show and tell is fronted by makers keen to meet you and talk about their projects and businesses. Come and see what they’ve got on display there’s something here for everyone, you’ll find freebies and also be able to buy unique pieces or components for yourself!

3D printing chocolate and prosthetics

3D printing in a range of materials and using a range of methods!

ABX Labs – what do you want to make?

” Cool Components and Boards…” Making cool stuff is easy (and cheap) if you know where to get the bits!

Analogue Adventures with Little Vintage Photography

Little Vintage Photography combines STEM subjects & creativity using traditional photographic techniques. Come and have a go at making a sunprint bookmark or pick up an ‘Analogue Adventures’ kit, containing lots of awesomeness to get you started in handmade photography.

Awesome Liverpool Gift Pitches

Every month, Awesome Liverpool gives away £500 to kick start an awesome project. At Make Fest we will have the pitches for this prize in public on the ground floor conference area!

Behind-the-scenes @ MakeFest

wehearttech C.I.C. will be working with a group of budding young media producers to create a behind-the-scenes documentary at this year’s Liverpool MakeFest.

Beloved Dream Shawls

Liverpool Artist Clare Beloved has created these stunning silk shawls digitally printed with her colourful magical goddess paintings.

Colorfull  – Facepainting

Hello, I am Carmen, a fully qualified and experienced face painter adopting best practices!

CPC- Electronics

What are you going to make?

Crafted by Norma

I am passionate about upcycling and also inspired by Steampunk so enjoy making unique bespoke items using pre-loved items.

Dark Water Treasure Hunt

We’ve tracked down Brown Bart’s sunken pirate ship to xmark bay and have deployed 6 sensors to pinpoint the location. Find and activate each sensor and see if you can help us find the lost ship.

Dee Wood Jewellery

Titanium, copper and sterling silver jewellery, incorporating semi-precious stones, handmade using traditional jewellers’ skills.

DoES Liverpool – Co-working, workshop and event space

DoES is a co-working, workshop and event space in the heart of Liverpool.

Electric Flapjack Guitars

I have taken to making electric guitars, and I thought I’d share how easy it is to get started and build one without much experience (I’d not done woodwork for 25 years when I started the hobby!). @EFGuitars

Fab Lab Liverpool

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory is a physical space located in the School of Art and Design at LJMU and provides access for students, staff and partners to the tools and knowledge to educate, innovate and invent using technology and digital fabrication to allow anyone to make almost anything

Glass Heart Creative

Glass heart creative is an artisan stained glass business that provides a quality service in unique stained glass products. We make beautiful home ware ranging from guitar lights to quirky one off jewelry. Activity: Sales  

Hacman (Manchester Hackspace)

HACMan is an arts, science and technology club. We run a member-driven community workshop in Manchester


e are a small team based in Liverpool, you may know us as the leaders of Liverpool Girl Geeks. We’re on a mission to decrease the gender imbalance in tech. We have set up InnovateHer to help us achieve this mission.

J&R Agency

Founded in 2018, J&R empowers small businesses to think bigger.

Little Pink Maker – Biohacker

Biohacking is about making people aware of new ideas and technology within biology. Material research is inspired by biology and maker culture.

Liverpool and Wirral Code Clubs

Liverpool Code Clubs, and Wirral Code Clubs are a series of  free volunteer led sessions allowing kids aged 8 – 13 to learn how to code at libraries.

Liverpool Astronomical Society

Sic Itur Ad Astra – Thus The Way To The Stars…

Liverpool Book Art

Liverpool Book Art organises exhibitions, fairs and other activities related to artists’ books.

Low-cost Motion Capture for Film

Performance Capture for Film     This exhibit will show you how a bike helmet, six 50p cameras, a few USB cables, a bit of eyeliner, some used computer components, and a few scraps of metal and other odds and ends can be put together to make a working performance capture system

Make Liverpool

A creative-led organisation with spaces across Liverpool, Make is a place to share skills, make, fix and create; to learn and to teach; to try and tweak.

micro:bit madness

Learn how we can use the micro:bit to create dazzling light shows, animations and games.

Neston High School Makers

Neston High School Makers is extra curriculum club and hopefully soon a Makerspace.

North Wales Tech

North Wales Tech is a meetup group for technologists in the north wales area, we run regular events, our membership has loads of different types of technologists, from developers, mechanical and electronic engineers to mighty makers and one Space obsessed rocket building nutter.

Novoda’s Dungeon Adventure Game

Novoda’s dungeon adventure game in an Android Things based 1D adventure game for kids to play.

Phantom Chips

Phantom Chips is an artist, maker, performer and educator who creates a variety of experimental electronic instruments. She creates tactile instruments that control sound through touch and movement.

Quantum Technology Club

Quantum Technology Club: Communicating around the world without the Internet Communicating around the world without the Internet shows you how amateur radio operators (the original ‘makers’) communicate with each other over many thousands of miles using simple equipment.


Make hand made toys for children to explore STEM in a practical way .Our kits are all our original designs and work with key stage 2,3,4,5 and SEN.We also make the ROB BOT a crumble programmable robot.

Spark Penketh

@SparkPenketh is the UK’s first makerspace within a state school at Penketh High School weaving maker education into our curriculum. We believe in providing students with diverse, rich learning environments.

The EduBlocks Project

EduBlocks is a companion to introduce Physical Computing and has been designed as an easy pathway to electronics and coding for children aged 7 and above.

The Nerdy Gift Company

Designs made my Nerds for nerds! We print products such as t-shirts and bags which are inspired by all things nerdy!

Urban Workbench

Urban Workbench is a We Make Places project which invites local people to develop skills in basic joinery, DIY, furniture making, upcycling and construction, whilst growing their capacity to contribute to positive social activism.

Visnos Mathematics

The name Visnos come from visual numbers.