Makers 2019

We’ve got a vast array of makers to engage with, fun exhibits, and hands on workshops catering for everyone!


Cubert - A cube of LED lights


Cubert is a 8x8x8 RGB LED cube that is controlled using the BBC micro:bit – a small micro controller. Many people have made big light up cubes before but Cubert is different because shea. is coded using blocks!b. is not just a piece of art, it’s an interactive cube of games! You can play snake […]


MadeInvaders is a a live action computer game. 30 seconds of structured panic, as the players try to load nerf blasters, and hit the lighted targets as much as possible to see how many points they can score. Bragging rights for the day are on offer to the most successful player(s)!

West Lancashire Lacemakers

West Lancashire Lacemakers

We put on demonstrations of how to make lace and have a ‘practice pillow’ so anyone can have a go. We are a small local charity (No. 1002673) who make lace of various types. Our aims are to educate the public in the craft of lacemaking, it’s history and usage. The promotion and improvement of […]

Cosy Conference

This year we have a conference area led by two local maker culture supporters, Ignite Liverpool, and Awesome Liverpool. It’s situated after the atrium on the ground floor in the Read zone and before the Imagine zone.

In addition to talks and panels through the day, Awesome are holding their regular pitch and gift award at the cosy conference.


Ignite showcases Liverpool’s movers and shakers, creators, thinkers, tinkers, innovators and doers, makers and dreamers in a fast paced format designed to inspire.

Business Advice

Gary Millar

Gary Millar is running a special business advice desk at Makefest on the ground floor from 11am for any makers and creatives who would like some advice business or intellectual property advice.

FREE workshops

These workshops are supported by makers in most cases you’ll have something to take away with you!


Code-A-Drone showcases the power of coding in a fun and creative environment. During the activity, the participants learn how to code a mini drone to take off, fly, turn, do stunts, take photos and land safely. This can involve completing a range of challenges that put these new skills to the test or a specially […]

Little Pink Maker

Little Pink Maker – DNA Pendant

Learn how to remove your DNA and capture it! “I’ll be doing a workshop on how to do a DNA pendant (Yes that’s right we will extract and show you your DNA)!” You’ll need to sign up for this workshop on the day but it is free 🙂 Website: Twitter: @LittlePinkMaker

Make Liverpool

Make Liverpool CIC will be showcasing and demonstrating their amazing array of classes and activities. Look out for master-craftsman, Keith, on the pole lathe. During the day he will be showing people how to carve patterns into wood, in spectacular fashion. While you’re there make sure to check out what else you can learn at […]

Paid workshops

Makers running these workshops ask for some pounds to cover the cost of materials. In most cases you’ll have something to take home with you.


#girlswithdrills brings all the tools you need for beginner woodworking. Build your confidence using a drill and take home hand crafted bookends. If you have any old, plastic and hollow toys, bring them along to cut in half to personalise your bookends.

Kids being shown how to code a drone during the workshop


MakoEducation’s Code-A-Drone workshop shows participants the power of coding in a fun and creative (and safe) environment.

Western Spiral Art

Western Spiral Art will be bringing a magical making experience to this year’s Makefest with handmade magic wands, flowers and house scarves for you to decorate and personalise !! We specialise in Sci-Fi and Fantasy-inspired workshops and project ideas, focusing on creativity, sparkles and imagination. All children must be supervised by a responsible adult at […]


The main show and tell is fronted by makers keen to meet you and talk about their projects and businesses. Come and see what they’ve got on display there’s something here for everyone, you’ll find freebies and also be able to buy unique pieces or components for yourself!

ABX Labs

ABX Labs – what do you want to make?

” Cool Components and Boards…” Making cool stuff is easy (and cheap) if you know where to get the bits!

Analogue Adventures with Little Vintage Photography

Little Vintage Photography combines STEM subjects & creativity using traditional photographic techniques. Come and have a go at making a sunprint bookmark or pick up an ‘Analogue Adventures’ kit, containing lots of awesomeness to get you started in handmade photography.



ARITH-MATIC is a computational hardware project and micro startup. We craft a range of beautifully engineered DIY electronic kits which explore the guts of computing. We’ll be at Liverpool Makefest 2019 to exhibit our kits and to share the design process we use to develop ARITH-MATIC products! Our flagship kit – the S1-AU Mk1 – […]

Community reporters in action

Behind-the-scenes @ MakeFest

wehearttech C.I.C. will be working with a group of budding young media producers to create a behind-the-scenes documentary at this year’s Liverpool MakeFest. They’ll be snapping up pics of all the action, filming the day’s activities and capturing some impromptu interviews with makers, organisers and attendees throughout the day and editing these together into a […]

Brian Corteil

Brian Corteil: Maker and Amateur Robot Designer

Brian is the head meat bag of Coretec Robotics, designer of the Tiny 4WD robot kit, two times winner and runner up of Pi Wars, creator of Micro Pi Noon (idea nicked from Pi Wars And miniaturised), winner of a blue ribbon from the last UK Maker Faire. Micro Pi Noon is robot combat in […]

Tiled images of various items created by Norma

Crafted by Norma

Just a quick introduction to myself and my work. I am able to combine a genuine passion for traditional, old school engineering with the love of upcycling, and in doing so have created a range of Steampunk, Victoriana inspiredproducts and industrial lighting. By repurposing and redesigning unwanted items that would have been heading for landfill […]

CreativeStitch table

Creative Stitch & Toy Hacker

We are a couple who love to create, modify and develop our ideas. We hope that by demonstrating our work we can encourage others to go away and develop ideas of their own. Creative Stitch is a collection of mixed media and textile pieces produced using both hand and machine stitches. Toy Hacker loves to […]

DOES Liverpool

DoES Liverpool – Co-working, workshop and event space

DoES is a co-working, workshop and event space in the heart of Liverpool.

A dark red electric guitar lying on a stone background. Built but Electric Flapjack

Electric Flapjack Guitars

I have taken to making electric guitars, and I thought I’d share how easy it is to get started and build one without much experience (I’d not done woodwork for 25 years when I started the hobby!). @EFGuitars

Beam solenoid engine

Extreme Kits

Extreme Kits ( is a supplier of Electronic, Acrylic and high voltage kits. All of our kits are constructed and packaged in house. Currently we have a range of Solenoid engines. From a simple single solenoid engine (, a twin solenoid engine ( and a beam engine ( We also do a Van de Graaff […]

Fab Lab Liverpool

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory is a physical space located in the School of Art and Design at LJMU and provides access for students, staff and partners to the tools and knowledge to educate, innovate and invent using technology and digital fabrication to allow anyone to make almost anything

FACT Liverpool

FACT Liverpool We will be hosting a range of ongoing activities that allow for people to drop-in momentarily and engage with creative technology. Our aim is to encourage visitors to gain technical confidence and inspire them to tinker and create. Activities may include coding Minecraft, programming an Arduino, and hands-on making with electronic components. FACT is delivering a […]


Hazuki Knit Game

Hazuki is a game inspired by quick time events experienced in games such as Dragon’s Lair, Shenmue, Resident Evil 4, and Metal Gear Rising. It’s a neat mechanic, easy to pick up, nerve-wracking, and endlessly frustrating when you mess up. Original created by James Medd, James has collaborated with Gemma May Potter to create Hazuki […]


Ignite showcases Liverpool’s movers and shakers, creators, thinkers, tinkers, innovators and doers, makers and dreamers in a fast paced format designed to inspire.

Joy Design

Joy Design

Joy Design’s one woman mission is to spread a little joy and positivity with hopeful and self care filled calligraphy messages on prints, cards and colouring books. I also make bookmarks and bunting, book cushions and prints from upcycled fabrics, books, maps and other paper ephemera. Bookmark and notebook cover making using upcycled materials workshops […]

Little Sandbox

Little Sandbox is a tech club for kids based in Liverpool. We’ll be bringing some examples of work our members have made including robots and video games.

Liverpool and Wirral Code Clubs

Liverpool Code Clubs, and Wirral Code Clubs are a series of  free volunteer led sessions allowing kids aged 8 – 13 to learn how to code at libraries.

Members of LAS and the public

Liverpool Astronomical Society

Sic Itur Ad Astra – Thus The Way To The Stars…

Makerspace CPC

Makerspace CPC

Interactive demos: Raspberry Pi powered capacitive touch reaction game. Microbit controlled crane Minecraft Selfie machine Exhibition and knowledge on computing boards and kits for Makers and Educators @Makerspace_CPC

Neston High School Makerspace

@NestonHighMaker is a makerspace within a state school at Neston High School trying to embed a maker education into our curriculum. Current running as an extra-curriculum club after school, lunchtimes or shall we say most of the time.   We believe in providing students with diverse, well-rounded learning environments   Twitter – @NestonHighMaker Instagram Profile […]

North Wales Tech

North Wales Tech is a meetup group for technologists in the north wales area, we run regular events, our membership has loads of different types of technologists, from developers, mechanical and electronic engineers to mighty makers and one Space obsessed rocket building nutter.

Novoda team


Novoda are a mobile development agency who works with Android, iOS and IoT. At Makefest, we’re focusing on Android Things! We have created interactive game’s using Android and hardware sensors & lights. Novoda will be showcasing their Wack-A-Light game! Based on the arcade classic Whac-A-Mole and updated to be relevant and fun in the maker […]

Linus Project Liverpool

Project Linus

Project Linus donates patchwork quilts to local children who are ill or in distressing situations. The quilts are all made by volunteers and are given to children from premature babies up to teenagers: among the places we take them to are: Alder Hey Hospital, the Homeless Families Unit and Zoe’s Place. Come along and see […]

Quantum Technology Club

Quantum Technology Club: Communicating around the world without the Internet Communicating around the world without the Internet shows you how amateur radio operators (the original ‘makers’) communicate with each other over many thousands of miles using simple equipment. Communication can be by code, voice, video, imagery or linking computers together to exchange information. Communication can […]


Make hand made toys for children to explore STEM in a practical way .Our kits are all our original designs and work with key stage 2,3,4,5 and SEN.We also make the ROB BOT a crumble programmable robot.

Spark Penketh

Spark Penketh

@SparkPenketh is the UK’s first makerspace within a state school at Penketh High School weaving maker education into our curriculum. We believe in providing students with diverse, rich learning environments.

UCraft Community Interest Company

UCraft Community Interest Company

UCraft is a not for profit organisation run with the aim of getting more people involved in arts and crafts. We have been running pop up workshops at events for the past year, and have already given hundreds of people the opportunity to join in and learn something new. We are back at makefest this […]

Visnos Mathematics

The name Visnos comes from visual numbers.

York Hackspace

York Hackspace

Infamous Northern tinkerers York Hackspace will be bringing their legendary starship disaster simulator SpaceHack to a new Liverpool audience for the first time, a hands-on physical game of panic-driven switch-flipping, dial-twisting, button-mashing and cooperative shouting.  Can you work as a team to ensure your ship survives wave after wave of interstellar catastrophes? Sadly the answer is […]