Our Team

The people behind MakeFest are…


Creative Director @DefProc, promotions, merchandise
Nice and wholesome Library Ninja Co-founder of @LpoolMakeFest


Educator, Maker, Blogger, Lecturer@LJMU NSP. Co-founder of @LpoolMakeFest, Co-founder of HEdWorks @HEdSpaceUK.
Educator, Maker, Blogger @lpoolgirlgeeks Co-founder of @LpoolMakeFest Co-founder @HEdSpaceUK


Scientific Consultant and Educator; Steampunk and Maker; Ninja; “Leader” of the “Liverpool League of Gentlemen and Extraordinary Ladies”; Lover of all things Sci-Fi.
People & things. SteelyDan, ElfKid, Tufte, data, charity shops, text adventures,minecraft, ESP8266, spectra,cardboard & unpopular science.
Founder of @MCQN_Ltd. Creator of @Bubblino. Co-founder of @DoESLiverpool. Author@aBookOfThings. Ex-CTO of @GNLteam. Ramblings on #IoT, urbanism and Liverpool
Friendly freelance design engineer, Technician-in-Residence at @DoESLiverpool, engineer behind @MadeInvaders and initiator of @ttn \_liv.
Co-founder of DoES Liverpool, Ignite Liverpool, Jelly Liverpool.
Freelance Generalist, Steampunk, Anthropologist , Geek and aficionado of the Nanny Ogg School of Networking
Public Health Specialist, Steampunk and Singer, Organiser and Facilitator, CEO of Beatitude Ad Vitam @beatitudeav.
Geek, maker, trainer, photographer, climber, fan of ellipsis…
Computer security and digital forensics researcher, maker, software engineer, lecturer@LJMU.
Creative consultant, photographer and MakeFest social media manager
Rathole Radio, Linux Outlaws & FLOSS Weekly host, Writer, Musician, OggCamp organiser, Sometimes hacker, FOSS advocate and terrible dancer 🙂
Photographer, all round geek and frequenter of @DoESLiverpool
Writer for Linux Format, Linux Voice,MagPi and@element14 Trainer/Facilitator/Hacker specialising in Raspberry Pi projects for print & Online
Lecturer in education, co-author of Teaching ICT, Teaching Computing & Hello App Inventor! Passionate about education. The geeks shall inherit the earth
Co-Founder @Lpoolgirlgeeks / GSD @REXLiverpool @RevolverRetail / Co-organiser@LpoolMakeFest. Digital / Tech / Netflix
Director of @wehearttechcic, digital do-er at @wiganSTEAM, a branch of @TreehouseCIC, trainer with @peoplesvoice & volunteer at @LivRadDocFest. Pie eater.
Designer, coder and Internetologist. Making magic at @mySociety in Liverpool. Previously of @ScraperWiki and @oiioxford

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