Creative Stitch & Toy Hacker

Creative stitch is a collection of mixed media pieces of work using both hand and machine stitch, fabrics and various other materials. Many of the pieces have been created as entries for the Yorkshire and Humberside Embroiderers’ Guild Challenges. There will be some of the favourites – such as ‘Underground’, ‘Anchors Aweigh’ and ‘ Dry Stone Walls’, as well as new pieces of work. Visitors can try out various hand stitches which they may wish to develop further once they are home.
Toy Hacker brings interactive hacked-and-ornate toys. The automatons include models built with Meccano, Lego and Knex as well as lolly sticks and skewers to show a range of building mediums. “I hope that these models will help and inspire the younger generation to see old toys with new eyes, to be inquisitive as to how they work and to give them the inspiration to modify and repair rather than just throw away old or broken toys.”

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