Novoda are a mobile development agency who works with Android, iOS and IoT. At Makefest, we’re focusing on Android Things! We have created interactive game’s using Android and hardware sensors & lights.

Android Things-powered Simon Says game

Novoda’s Simon Says is an electronic game of memory and skill built for IoT. Simon challenges one player at a time to memorise the hypnotic lights and sound sequences and requires a user to repeat the series. If the user succeeds the series becomes progressively longer and more complex. Once the user fails, the game is over.

Can you beat the top score? Get your name on the leaderboard to win….

Piano Hero! for Android Things (IoT)

Novoda’s Piano Hero! lets aspiring musicians and experienced pianists practice and show off their musical prowess and quick reactions. Suitable for beginners and experts alike, Novoda demonstrates the Android Things (IoT) platform as a brain and output module, integrating with mobile input devices so users can play notes as they appear. Win points by playing accurately to reach the top of our leaderboard!


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