Are you there mother? It’s me MakeFest.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while hasn’t it? It’s been “a minute”, as they say in hip hop parlance, although these days I’m more “hip op” than hip hop I’ve still got some moves. Did you think we’d forgotten about you until next year? Well we haven’t, and just when you thought it was safe […]

MakeFest Memories – Denise Jones

Hello everyone, it’s getting really close to MakeFest now. Only… hang on… (counts on fingers)… 9 sleeps till the big day! I hope you’re as excited as we are over here at MakeFest Manor. We’re so excited in fact that we’ve gone mad and combined Throwback Thursday with MakeFest Memories for today. We can’t decide […]

Meet The Makers – Liz Smart – Code Club

Hello again friends, it’s time for another Meet The Makers interview! This week I had a chat with Liz Smart, North West Coordinator for Code Club. What’s Code Club you ask? Well hold your horses and we’ll get into that in a minute. There was loads of other stuff to talk about as well. Liz […]

£500 giveaway for your maker project!

Hi! Do you have an awesome idea that £500 would make you actually do? The Awesome Foundation is giving away that much at Liverpool MakeFest. What kind of ideas? Something playful, fun, novel, risky, amazing, serious, joyful … awesome… Something bursting with electronics or software or laser cutting or 3D printing or anything… How do […]